12F Pleasant Street

Rented for 2024-2025

  • 12F_Kitchen_1

4 Person, 4 Bedroom,

Four person, four bedroom apartment on the second floor of 12 Pleasant. It’s a two minute walk from Boyd, and a quick five minute walk from the center of PSU campus. This apartment was redone recently, installing new hardwood floors, all new appliances, and cabinets! As well as a redone bathroom, adding a double vanity with granite countertops! 

Apartments Include:

  • New Kitchen and Bathroom
  • New granite countertops in both Kitchen and Bathroom
  • New Double Vanity in Bathroom
  • Free Parking!
  • Four Full-Size Bedrooms with Closet
  • Hardwood Floors in Kitchen and Living Room
  • Full Kitchen with Dishwasher
  • Heat & Hot Water
  • Plowing
  • Snow Removal
  • Winterim
  • Rubbish Removal
  • Laundry on Site
  • Manager on Call

Room Specs*:

  • Room 1 (9 x 9 ft)
  • Room 2 (9 x 9 ft)
  • Room 3 (8 x 10 ft)
  • Room 4 (8 x 10 ft)

*These are approximate values and may not show the exact size of room.